High availability & Disaster Recovery

High Availability & Disaster Recovery
High Availability & Disaster Recovery
High availability & Disaster Recovery are two sides of a coin addressing the same problem. To maintain the operational state by keeping the systems up and running and having a process in place to recover the system when it fails. The level of continuous operation that a contingency solution provides is the metric that is used to validate it as an acceptable solution to the business. There is no better or worse high availability solution for any system. There are various solutions that would meet the business requirements, you have to validate which ones are suitable for your business requirements. High availability looks to eliminate single point of failure by having redundant components like hardware and data centers.
Disaster recovery is a process to enable the recovery of infrastructure/systems following a natural disaster or human error. Disaster recovery process is activated when high availability fails. The metric that defines or validates the disaster recovery process are Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). A Recovery Time Objective is the maximum amount of time that a system can be down before it is recovered to an operational state. A Recovery Point Objective is the amount of data loss, measured in time, that is tolerable in a disaster. Both the factors would be used to define the DR process for any business.


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